We regularly conduct Workshops and Lecture Demonstrations by Invited Senior Performers / Gurus on specific Topics for Junior and Senior Dancers/ Musicians. In addition to that, regular workshops by our own faculty for our students to enhance their skills and learn some specific compositions for future performances. 

Workshops Conducted till now- 

  1.  Kathak Workshops (3 nos)- By Guru Dr Puru Dadheech
  2.  Lecture Demonstration on Shambhu Maharaj Style of Kathak- by Dr Vibha Dadheech
  3. Odissi Workshop- By Guru Shubhada Varadkar
  4. Kathak Workshop - by Dr Piyush Raj
  5. Flamenco Workshop- by Miguel Angle (Germany)
  6. Chhau Workshop- by Aditya Shrivastava
  7. Ghoomar Workshop- by Smt Jyothi Tommaar, Atulya Experiences 
  8. Interactive talk with Jonathan Hollander- Director, Battery Dance Company- NYC, USA.